Royal Blood: “What Have Guitarists Ever Done For Us?”

Jimmy Page loves them, but in the latest MOJO the distorted duo explain why they've no time for an axe-slinger of their own.

Royal Blood: “What Have Guitarists Ever Done For Us?”

MUSICAL DIFFERENCES OFTEN drive bands apart but Royal Blood may have found the solution: just stick to the rhythm section. The latest MOJO magazine. On sale now.

Rather than bothering with show-boating frontmen and virtuoso guitarists, the duo from Worthing have honed their sonic universe down to just drums and bass.

It’s working so far for bassist-singer Mike Kerr and drummer Ben Thatcher, having sold in excess of 75,000 of their self-titled debut album, not to mention picking up a Brit Award last month along with a ringing endorsement from Jimmy Page, but as they tell Andrew Perry in this month’s MOJO (April 2015/ #257) their 'master plan' boils down to the simple fact that musically they don’t really get on with anyone else.

“We didn’t want anyone else in the band. There was no one else that would really fit in,” Kerr explains. “We could play these same songs we have with more members, and it would be a similar band, but you’d miss out on some of the ways we connect, our chemistry.”

And it was deciding to go it alone – save for a serious collection of effects pedals – that yielded Royal Blood’s sonic uniqueness.

“The way I managed to engineer the sound was a free pass for it to be just me and Ben,” adds Kerr. “Being in a band isn’t easy. You can’t build it on distortion sound alone.”

Get the new issue of MOJO for the full interview with the band, but in the meantime here’s the two of them performing Out Of The Black.


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PHOTO: Nic Serpell-Rand