White Denim Attempt “Microcosm Of Physical Graffiti” On Led Zep Cover

Frontman James Petralli reveals the process behind his band’s Custard Pie cover, available with the Limited Vinyl Edition of MOJO 257, on sale in North America now.

White Denim Attempt “Microcosm Of Physical Graffiti” On Led Zep Cover

IF BEING CHARGED with recording the opening track of a tribute to Led Zeppelin wasn’t enough, White Denim say they tried to embody the entirety of Physical Graffiti in their exclusive cover for MOJO. MOJO’s Led Zeppelin Limited Vinyl Edition, including <em>Physical Graffiti Redrawn</em> on double vinyl.

We asked the Texans to tackle Custard Pie for Physical Graffiti Redrawn, the tribute to Led Zeppelin’s landmark 1975 album that’s at the heart of MOJO’s Led Zeppelin Vinyl Edition (now available at selected Barnes & Nobles in the US). And as frontman James Petralli explains, the four-piece did their best to encompass more than just the one song.

“When we set out making Custard Pie for MOJO we wanted to not only create a groovy track but a microcosm of Physical Graffiti as a larger work,” he explains.

“We crammed it full of additional ideas and textures.”

James Petralli

“We reference certain melodies, production techniques, and sounds from the entire album in our version. The Led Zeppelin song and arrangement is really open. We started there and then crammed it full of additional ideas and textures.”

White Denim are understandably happy with their results, though Petralli admits he did feel some pressure given Custard Pie’s provenance.

“Luckily, I think that their arrangement gave us enough room to colour it a little further,” he says. “Hopefully we accomplished it without sullying the feeling of their legendary first take.”

The CD version of Physical Graffiti Redrawn is available with copies of MOJO 258 on newsstands globally. And the limited Vinyl Edition of the package – featuring  2 x vinyl LPs, a replica poster, plus the latest MOJO magazine with special signature cover – can be purchased at 196 branches of Barnes & Noble. Here's a list where you can find it.

Along with White Denim’s Custard Pie, Physical Graffiti Redrawn features exclusive Led Zeppelin covers from Mark Kozelek's Sun Kil Moon, Laura Marling, Michael Kiwanuka, Songhoy Blues, Kitty, Daisy & Lewis and many more.