Watch Simple Minds On The Oxford Road Show In 1983 Jim Kerr recalls how Sparkle In The Rain took his band “into the big league”.

Watch Simple Minds On The Oxford Road Show In 1983

AS SIMPLE MINDS reissue their Sparkle In The Rain album, MOJO has a rare clip from the band’s performance on the BBC’s 1980s pop programme, the Oxford Road Show. The footage of the band performing Speed Your Love To Me in 1983, which you can watch exclusively below, features on a bonus disc included with the new box set edition of the album that – as Jim Kerr tells MOJO – took his band to the next level.

Sparkle In The Rain took Simple Minds into the big league – no doubt about it,” Kerr declares. “By this I mean that the album not only went to the top of the charts in many countries, but the live momentum also exploded.”

The 1984 album – reissued this week – certainly transformed the perception of Simple Minds, setting them on a path out of the UK alternative scene and into the world’s stadiums. Although it led to a fair amount of stick from post-punk diehards, as Kerr now notes.

“It looked like Simple Minds would be a perennial cult band.”

Jim Kerr

“Of course we were delighted and excited by events as they were unfolding, particularly when only a couple of years earlier it looked like Simple Minds would be a perennial cult band,” he recalls. “No bad thing really, but life would have been a lot quieter than it became thanks to our ‘big punching albums’ such as Sparkle In The Rain.”

Along with the album and a series of alternate mixes and live records, the new box set also features a DVD that includes the band’s promo vidoes and more from this session on The Oxford Road Show, a Manchester-based pop magazine programme that boasted early performances from The Smiths and The Cure, and has the distinction of being parodied as Nozin' Aroun’ in the final episode of The Young Ones.

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