Dexys Get Their “Reward” With BBC4 Film Premiere

Kevin Rowland tells MOJO he feels "vindicated" as Dexys doc Nowhere Is Home gets its TV debut.

Dexys Get Their “Reward” With BBC4 Film Premiere

Kevin Rowland has declared that the TV debut of the Dexys’ film Nowhere Is Home is a “vindication” for him and his band. The documentary, which includes both interviews and live footage, will be screened on BBC4 this Friday (March 20) from 10pm, and speaking to MOJO the band’s singer said he sees it as a reward for trying not to “trade solely on the Dexys past”.

“This is what we have been striving for, for years!”

Kevin Rowland

“Having this film on the BBC is a massive step forward for Dexys,” he explains. “This is not a film about ’80s Dexys. This isn’t even the Dexys story, or how we got from the ’80s to here. This is a film about the latest incarnation of Dexys! This is what we have been striving for, for years. Having this film on BBC4 on Friday night, is vindication. It is reward for us not playing greatest hits shows at The O2. It’s reward for changing our name from Dexys Midnight Runners to Dexys. It’s reward for every time we turned down an offer to trade solely on the Dexys past.”

Nowhere Is Home, by co-directors Paul Kelly and Kieran Evans and producer Martin Kelly, was filmed during the band’s residency at London’s Duke Of York’s Theatre in 2013, which saw Dexys perform songs from 2012’s One Day I’m Going To Soar alongside some of their best loved hits.

“Yes, we talk about the past in the film, but we don’t try and live there,” says Rowland. “And we do some old songs, but they are reappraised, so that they mean something to us now. This is Dexys now, and doing what we’re about, now, is a massive step forward for us!”

Ahead of Friday’s broadcast, here's a gallery featuring stills and live performances from Nowhere Is Home.

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