Listen To Ryley Walker’s “Virtuosic” New Album In Full

MOJO has a stream of Primrose Green ahead of its release next week (March 30).

Listen To Ryley Walker’s “Virtuosic” New Album In Full

FOR SOMEONE WHO was once fired from a sandwich franchise for practising guitar inside a walk-in freezer, there is a surprising amount of warmth to Ryley Walker’s debut album – which you can listen to in full ahead of its release below. Primrose Green, out next Monday (March 30), is a brilliant showcase for the Illinois folkster’s finger-picking guitar, as Will Hodgkinson noted in his four star review of the album the latest edition of MOJO (April 2015 / #257).

The cover of Ryley Walker's <em>Primrose Green</em>.

“Just when you think the psychedelic folk guitar of Bert Jansch and Davy Graham has been picked over so much that its influence is exhausted, along comes someone with such a virtuosic feel for it that the genre is revived all over again,” he writes.

However not only is Primrose Green an artistic achievement, it seems to have thawed relations between Walker and the catering industry… possibly.

"I'm currently at a Waffle House in Beaumont, Texas, with perfect and clear blue skies,” he tells MOJO of his pre-release preparations. “The waitress called all of us ‘sweetie pie’ and gave me free pancakes with my meal. Seems life is pretty good. I'm real proud of this record and the performances on it. Enjoy with whatever you enjoy. See you on the road good people!”

And indeed a UK tour kicks off at London’s Seabright Arms on April 18, while he also plays this year’s Green Man Festival.

So now without further ado, let's to Primrose Green...

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