Listen To Bill Fay's New Album, Who Is The Sender?

MOJO has an exclusive stream of Nick Cave and Jeff Tweedy-championed singer-songwriter's fourth album ahead of its release next week (April 27).

Listen To Bill Fay's New Album, Who Is The Sender?

HAVING RELEASED TWO astonishing, legend-shrouded singer-songwriter albums in the early ’70s, Bill Fay was thought lost until a recent upsurge of interest and activity. After Bill Fay and Time Of The Last Persecution – emerging in 1970 and ’71 respectively – it was 41 years before Life Is People re-established Fay, after championing from the likes of Nick Cave and Jeff Tweedy brought him back in range of the wider public’s ear. Unbelievably nourishing and exquisite, it was #3 in MOJO’s Albums Of The Year 2012.

Bill Fay's <em>Who Is The Sender?</em>, released April 27, 2015.

Thankfully, he’s not waiting as long between albums this time, as Who Is The Sender? is out next Monday (April 27) and MOJO has an exclusive preview of the record.

The album is reviewed in the next issue of MOJO (June 2015/#259) – on UK newsstands from Tuesday, April 28 – with David Sheppard describing Who Is The Sender? as being “built around Fay’s simple, melancholy piano chords and fragile, involving vocals, subtly fleshed out by the same team that made its warmly received predecessor”, adding that “its disarming hymnal beauty and old world sincerity... leap out and penetrate to the heart.”

Listen now (UK only – sorry!)...

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