The Prodigy: “We Had Some Great Chats With David Bowie”

But that wasn't enough to convince the band to work with The Dame... or Madonna. Liam Howlett explains all in this month's MOJO Interview, available in our new issue (June 2015/ #259) out now.

The Prodigy: “We Had Some Great Chats With David Bowie”

DAVID BOWIE IS... good for a chat, but not a track, according to The Prodigy’s Liam Howlett in this month’s MOJO Interview. MOJO 259, with Paul Weller on the cover, available in the UK from Tuesday, April 28.

Speaking in the new edition (June 2015/ #259) out now in the UK, the electronic rabble-rouser explains why he turned down the opportunity to produce music for the Thin White Duke and Madonna too, despite becoming friendly with both of them.

The Prodigy toured with Bowie and even signed to Madonna’s Maverick label in the US, but Howlett said no to production requests from the pair.

“If it was Chuck D asking I would have done it, but they didn’t mean anything to me,” he tells MOJO’s Ian Harrison. “I remember Bowie coming into the dressing room when we did gigs together in Germany, we had some great chats about drugs and stuff. He was someone I gained a lot of respect for very quickly.”

“If it was Chuck D asking I would have done it” Liam Howlett

The Prodigy man also explains that he respected Madonna and her support for his band, despite turning her down too.

“One thing I will say about Madonna is, she took the initiative herself to come and find us,” he recalls. “I thought that was respect, so we signed to her label in America.”

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PHOTO: Tom Oldham