John McVie: “How Much Longer Can Fleetwood Mac Continue?”

All five members of Fleetwood Mac star in the new edition of MOJO (July 2015/ #260), out now in the UK.

John McVie: “How Much Longer Can Fleetwood Mac Continue?”

FLEETWOOD MAC COULD be playing some of their last shows on their current world tour, according to John McVie. A classic shot of Fleetwood Mac on the cover of MOJO 260, on sale in the UK from Tuesday, May 26.

With all five members of the current line-up speaking in individual, extensive interviews in the new edition of MOJO (July 2015/ #260), out now in the UK, the band’s “silent partner” granted us a rare audience.

Speaking about the band’s entire career, the bassist tells MOJO’s Jim Irvin that he’s not sure the group will continue for too much longer – despite the recent return of ex-wife Christine McVie – although he concedes some of his bandmates have more appetite than others.

“How much longer can the Mac be a working band? Not much longer, for me anyway,” he explains. “It’s not the music – it’s the peripherals, the travelling. Mick will go on until they put him up against the wall and shoot him.”

“Mick will go on until they shoot him.”

John McVie

McVie also admits he does worry what audiences see when he takes the stage, having been through the mill a bit since helping form the band in 1967: including marrying and divorcing a bandmate and being treated for cancer last year.

“I do flash on it, what must I fucking look like, this old fart up there,” he laughs. “But I look out and there’s kids, and kids on their shoulders now, and they all seem to be having a good time. It’s sort of worrying… Jesus Christ, will there still be a demand when I’m 75?!”

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