Hollywood Vampires Rise Again With Depp, Grohl & McCartney

Alice Cooper tells MOJO how he’s honouring departed members of his rock-star drinking gang with a new album. Consume responsibly in our new issue.

Hollywood Vampires Rise Again With Depp, Grohl & McCartney

“TO JOIN, YOU just had to out-drink everyone,” explains Alice Cooper of the rules that governed his rock star drinking gang, the Hollywood Vampires. Patti Smith on the cover of MOJO, on sale from August 25, 2015.

Convening around Los Angeles’ Rainbow Bar & Grill between 1968 and 1974, the group, whose number included John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Harry Nilsson and Keith Moon, met when enough of them were in town for a spot of hell-raising.

As the list of names above suggests, membership and a long life did not necessarily go hand in hand, but as Cooper explains in our new issue (October 15/ #263), on sale in the UK now, some ’Vampires survived and they – with some new friends – are paying tribute to their fallen colleagues with a new album.

“It was like a frat party for rock’n’rollers, it was our time off. And we were all at the top of our game,” the singer tells MOJO’s Martin Aston of the club’s origins. “Nobody thought anyone would die.”

The idea for an album in the Hollywood Vampires’ name came about after Cooper and new Vampire Johnny Depp played a gig together at London’s 100 Club in 2011 and then thought, “Why not do this again, but to honour all our dead, drunk friends?”

“Nobody thought anyone would die.”

Alice Cooper

Released next month (September 11), Hollywood Vampires includes contributions from Perry Farrell, Dave Grohl, Paul McCartney, Slash, Brian and the late Sir Christopher Lee, who recorded his contribution shortly before his death. Songs covered included My Generation, Itchycoo Park and Whole Lotta Love, while proceeds from the album will be donated to the charity MusiCares.

Get the new issue of MOJO now for the full story behind the Hollywood Vampire’s resurrection and discover how Paul McCartney joined in the tribute to John Lennon, why back in the ’70s you had to “You had to watch out for Harry Nilsson…” and more.

Plus watch a trailer for the new record.



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