Paul McCartney: Rivalry With Lennon Was “Very Necessary”

Read an extract from new book, Conversations With McCartney, in the latest Beatle-packed edition of MOJO.

Paul McCartney: Rivalry With Lennon Was “Very Necessary”

THEIR NAMES APPEARED together on the credits to all their Beatles songs – including the many Number 1 singles celebrated in the new issue of MOJO – but according to one of half of the partnership it was a case of “Lennon Vs. McCartney” – and that’s what made them both so good. The cover of MOJO 264, on sale from September 29, 2015.

MOJO's new issue (November 2015 / #264), on sale now in the UK, examines the Fab Four’s chart-topping hits year-by-year, and includes a free CD uncovering the 15 original versions of Songs The Beatles Taught Us. It also includes an exclusive extract from Paul Du Noyer’s new book, Conversation With McCartney.

Boasting extensive, candid interviews with Paul McCartney over a series of years, the former MOJO Editor paints a detailed picture of the two Beatles’ relationship. Along the way, McCartney admits the pair needed their friendship and their rivalry to thrive, when in a band together and beyond.

In one instance, McCartney alludes to the role his 1980 hit Coming Up played in inspiring his former bandmate to record what would prove to be his last album, Double Fantasy.

“Apparently John heard it when he was in New York. I saw a John documentary and somebody was saying, ‘I brought this record of Paul’s to John and played it for him.’ John went, ‘Oh f**kin’ hell, the bastard’s done something good! I’ve gotta work!’ I love the idea of forcing him up off his arse,” McCartney told Du Noyer.

“I love the idea of forcing John up off his arse.”

Paul McCartney

“I like that, because we were always doing that with each other. People sometimes see it as an arch rivalry. It wasn’t. It was a friendly competition that was actually very necessary.”

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