David Crosby: “CSNY Stole A Truck To Get To Altamont”

The singer-songwriter on mischief and misadventures as he recalls The Rolling Stones' ill-fated free concert for MOJO '60s magazine.

David Crosby: “CSNY Stole A Truck To Get To Altamont”

“THERE WAS NO one there to meet us,” begins David Crosby as he recalls how his experiences at the infamous Altamont free concert started badly... and then got much worse. The cover of MOJO '60s Vol. 4

Recalling the grim scenes that surrounded the free Rolling Stones concert in 1969, which ultimately ended with the murder of one of the crowd by a member of the Hell’s Angels, the singer-songwriter relives the Bay Area gig in detail in the new, deluxe edition of MOJO '60s on sale now.

Speaking to Sid Griffin in Volume 4 of our decade-spanning spin-off magazine, Crosby explains that Crosby, Stills, Nash And Young had to steal transport to even make it to the festival, which took place at Altamont Speedway.

“We flew into a small airport not too near the festival with the biggest personal injuries lawyer in San Francisco, our tour manager and some other people. But there was no one there to meet us. Nobody!” he declares.

“The place was dead. Not a soul. But there was a pick-up truck and the guy who worked for me hot-wired the truck and we stole it! I have not been able to tell this story before, as the lawyer didn’t want to get disbarred as an accessory to a crime…”

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PHOTO: Piper Ferguson