Top 10 Reissues Of 2015 (Q3)

Just when we thought the vaults must, at long last, be exhausted, we find more extraordinary music that’s never before seen the light of day – blinding revelations that force us to reconsider received rock’n’roll history. Like the great tracks that never made it onto the final Led Zeppelin album – until now. But in a rich quarter for reissues, the latest and most surprising tranches of Zep remasters weren’t the only coups. Overlooked music by pioneer singer-songwriter Jackson C. Frank; a reminder of the consistent awesomeness of The Isley Brothers; the scrappy, early-’80s singles on which Alan McGee’s Creation empire was built; Bert Jansch on stage at his best: music we’re already wondering how we lived without.

Swipe through MOJO’s 10 favourite reissue music packages from July, August and September 2015 and then check out our 20 favourite slices of brand new music.

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