Bob Dylan Bootleg Book With New MOJO Magazine

Get the latest issue of MOJO magazine for a 52-page book on Bob Dylan's Bootleg Series. Plus exclusive Elvis Costello interview and curated CD.

Bob Dylan Bootleg Book With New MOJO Magazine

ON THE OCCASION of its expansion to a jawdropping 12th volume of revelatory archive-ology, MOJO celebrates Bob Dylan’s groundbreaking Bootleg Series with a 52-page book included with our new issue. The cover of MOJO 265, on sale in the UK from October 27.

This bespoke, seven-inch tome comes with the new MOJO (December 15/ #265), on sale in the UK from Tuesday, October 27, and features an in-depth look at each of these remarkable albums.

The series was launched in 1991 with a 3-CD release that announced to the world what hardcore Dylan fans had known for years: that some of Bob’s best work never made it onto the official albums.

MOJO experts examine the studio outtakes, lost songs, live recordings and more that have since seen the light of day, while also illuminating what Bob was up to when these gems were first created. Star Dylan sideman (and considerable artist in his own right) Al Kooper contributes a foreword.

“What we have here are the building blocks it took to construct masterpieces that have ignored the passage of time,” says Kooper of the latest release, Volume 12.

To get your hands on this unique celebration of Dylan’s secret history, just pick up a copy of the latest issue of MOJO – featuring a certain Elvis Costello on the cover – and the book, plus this month’s free, Costello-curated CD are yours!

Bob Dylan's Bootleg Series, get it with copies of MOJO 265.