Johnny Marr On His Memoir: “I’ve Got An Amazing Memory!”

The former Smith updates MOJO about progress on his autobiography. Top Of The Pops, drugs and falling off roofs all figure.

Johnny Marr On His Memoir: “I’ve Got An Amazing Memory!”

JOHNNY MARR SAYS he has written a “quarter” of his autobiography, as he updates MOJO magazine on the project in our new issue. The cover of MOJO 265, on sale in the UK from October 27.

The former Smith speaks about his new live album Adrenalin Baby and the book, due out next summer, in our new issue, (December 15 / #265) which is on sale now in the UK.

Revealing his progress so far, Marr explains his literary goals to MOJO’s Ian Harrison.

“All I can say is it has to honour the very tricky, lucky, unpredictable, audacious life of an obsessive, artistic, working-class kid,” he declares.

“Throw in some rides across Mulholland with '60s rock stars on drugs as the sun goes down, falling off some roofs, Top Of The Pops at 19 and the flowering of what became indie rock into a worldwide genre, and you’ve probably got the whole thing. If you grew up as British person through the '70s to the 2000s, you’re going to recognise a lot. I’ve got an amazing memory, luckily, and amazing things have happened.”

Of course Marr’s is not the first memoir concerning The Smiths, though it seems unlikely there will be too many similarities between the guitarist’s literary endeavours and those published by the band’s singer.

“I honestly haven’t read Morrissey’s book,” Marr admits. “I really don’t feel like I need to. I’ve heard about what it’s like and that’s fine.”