Watch Bill Ryder-Jones' Catharine And Huskisson Video

Exclusive stream of the ex-Coral man’s beautiful new song, taken from album West Kirby County Primary reviewed in the new MOJO magazine.

Watch Bill Ryder-Jones' Catharine And Huskisson Video

FROM THE HAZY, gentle fuzz on Bill Ryder-Jones' new album West Kirby County Primary you’d suspect he’s not entirely a ‘morning person’. The cover of MOJO 265, on sale in the UK from October 27.

However even a nighthawk can take inspiration from the dawn chorus, as the former Coral man does on Catharine And Huskisson from the new record – which MOJO is premiering below.

“I wrote the first verses of Catherine And Huskisson on some weekend morning, slightly hung-over,” confirms Ryder-Jones of the track's early beginnings. “My friend Lian would let me stay from time to time and I wrote this as she was getting herself ready for work. I can remember the sun coming in and not much else. I finished the song a few months later from a safer distance.”

The song is a highlight from the Wirral singer-songwriter’s third solo record, which is featured in our new issue (December 15 / #265), on sale today in the UK.

Reviewed by Keith Cameron, West Kirby County Primary is hailed as “the vivid flowering of a great talent”, although its creator is a little bit more foggy about what he’s achieved.

“I'm not entirely sure what the album is,” he tells MOJO. “I guess it's just a collection of songs, less an album in the way people tend to think of albums. Most of the songs are based on my life during 2014, really. There's no great message, I just tried to write things as I see them. Hopefully people can hear the hope in it.”

Now watch the video for Catharine And Huskisson, recorded live at the Green Man Festival, and get MOJO for the review and a full interview with Ryder-Jones.