David Bowie: New Album Release Confirmed

It’s called ★, or “Blackstar” if you want to say it out loud. Watch a trailer.

David Bowie: New Album Release Confirmed

DAVID BOWIE HAS announced he is releasing a new album called ★ – pronounced Blackstar. The new record is set for release on his birthday next year, January 8 – as per 2013’s single Where Are We Now?, only there’s a bit more warning this time.

If fact, you can watch a trailer for the album below now.

A single, the album’s title track ★ – which features as the theme tune of new Sky Atlantic crime drama The Last Panthers – will be premiered in the UK on Sky Atlantic on November 19, at 8.45pm (GMT).

This is the first time that the ten-minute track will be heard in full anywhere.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to MOJO next week, for more exciting and exclusive news about the album, Bowie and MOJO.