Snap Up MOJO Led Zep Tribute At Barnes & Noble Vinyl Day

Copies of Physical Graffiti Redrawn, the Led Zeppelin-approved MOJO Vinyl Edition, are available in the US exclusively via Barnes & Noble this Saturday, aka Vinyl Day..

Snap Up MOJO Led Zep Tribute At Barnes & Noble Vinyl Day

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 21 is Vinyl Day in Barnes & Noble stores throughout the US. Among an impressive range of long-players, shoppers will also get the opportunity to grab the last few Stateside copies of MOJO’s latest Vinyl Edition: Physical Graffiti Redrawn. Commemorating the 40th anniversary of Led Zeppelin’s landmark 1975 album, Physical Graffiti Redrawn boasts the 15 tracks from the original album reinterpreted by a selection of contemporary artists. Each participating artist was hand-picked by MOJO with the specific track in mind.

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The project came about when Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page enthused about MOJO’s first two Vinyl Editions, which were created in tribute to The Beatles’ Let It Be and Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side Of The Moon. Consequently, Page supported the idea of Physical Graffiti Redrawn and was kept abreast of artists under consideration for the project.

The first track completed for the project was by Malian outfit Songhoy Blues who were handed the responsibility of reworking the monolithic Zep classic, Kashmir. Page himself was played the deconstructed version of the rock classic as soon as the track arrived at MOJO HQ and listened to it intently.

“I like that version,” he offered. “They’ve established a lot that sits outside the original, that’s for sure, and then they come back in and give the original a nod at the end. It’s really different from any cover of that song that you’ve heard.”

Other participating artists include English neo-folk songwriter Laura Marling, whom Page saw playing live at London’s Royal Albert Hall (“She really is great,” he says), Southern rockers Blackberry Smoke, and alt.rock moodists Sun Kil Moon also contribute.

“We selected the artists very carefully,” says MOJO’s Editor-In-Chief, Phil Alexander. “We wanted the track to suit them although they had a free hand when it came to their covers. As Jimmy says, there are some really remarkable versions of these songs.”

The entire package – which includes two vinyl records, an issue of MOJO featuring an exclusive Jimmy Page signature cover, and a commemorative Led Zeppelin poster – comes housed in a deluxe, die-cut sleeve. The sleeve features the front and back of Earl’s Court, the legendary London venue that Led Zeppelin played on the Physical Graffiti tour in May 1975.

Throughout the manufacturing process, Page was shown mock-ups of the sleeve and the effect which the die cuts would have. He was also fulsome in his praise of the finished package, in terms of both its look and feel, as well as the versions of the tracks themselves.

The full tracklisting for Physical Graffiti Redrawn runs as follows:

1. White Denim – Custard Pie 2. Blackberry Smoke – The Rover 3. Miraculous Mule – In My Time Of Dying 4. The Temperance Movement – Houses Of The Holy 5. Son Little – Trampled Under Foot 6. Songhoy Blues – Kashmir 7. Syd Arthur – In The Light 8. Laura Marling – Bron-Yr-Aur 9. Max Jury – Down By The Seaside 10. Michael Kiwanuka – Ten Years Gone 11. Duke Garwood – Night Flight 12. Rose Windows – The Wanton Song 13. Kitty, Daisy And Lewis – Boogie With Stu 14. Hiss Golden Messenger – Black Country Woman 15. Sun Kil Moon – Sick Again

The MOJO Vinyl Edition of Physical Graffiti Redrawn is limited to 5000 copies worldwide. A few copies are available online but Barnes & Noble is the only US retail outlet to stock this very special edition, the final copies of which will be available during Vinyl Day.