“They’re Way Above Us!” David Bowie On ‘The Spiders From Jazz’

Paying tribute to his late friend and collaborator, producer Tony Visconti revisits the last days of ★ in the new issue of MOJO, on sale now in the UK.

“They’re Way Above Us!” David Bowie On ‘The Spiders From Jazz’

Paying tribute to David Bowie in MOJO this month, Tony Visconti offers us new insight into the creation of the ★ album and considers his friend’s constant compulsion to challenge himself. The cover of MOJO #268, on sale in the UK now.

Reflecting on their creative partnership, the producer provides a unique assessment of Bowie’s impact and legacy in our latest issue (March ’16/ #268), on sale now.

That includes revisiting what was to prove their last collaboration together, which saw Bowie working with a band of cutting edge New York jazz musicians as he sought to push himself creatively.

“He was always challenging himself,” Visconti tells MOJO’s Danny Eccleston. “When we discussed using [saxophonist] Donny McCaslin’s band for ★ he said [to me], ‘Tony, you have to study them. They’re way above us!’ So we both had to educate ourselves to get up to the level of Donny.”

The collaboration meant that even on his 25th studio album Bowie was embracing new ways of working, and holding his own with the bright young things.

“Perhaps that’s why David sang every single take that the band did live,” suggests his producer. “Because he was learning it. Refining his vocal along with the music. David and Donny’s band were hand in glove. They were The Spiders From Jazz.”

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