Iggy Pop: “I Was Pursuing A Brotherhood With The Stooges”

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Iggy Pop: “I Was Pursuing A Brotherhood With The Stooges”

HAVING FORMED A new band of brothers for his forthcoming album, Iggy Pop has also spoken candidly to MOJO about his bond with a different set of rock’n’roll siblings: The Stooges. The cover of MOJO 269 on sale in the UK from Tuesday February 23, 2016.

Though looking ahead to new record Post Punk Depressioncreated with members of Queens Of The Stone Age and Arctic Monkeys – the punk prophet surveys his entire career in our latest issue (April 2016 / #269), on sale in the UK now.

Speaking about his Stooges bandmates, brothers Ron and Scott Asheton, he discusses the relationships which fuelled their creativity.

“I was very much pursuing a brotherhood with them,” Iggy tells MOJO’s Keith Cameron. “I never did get that close with Ron, but I will always credit him with being my best friend simply because this is showbiz, and he’s the first person that got behind me, and invested in me when I was nobody. So he gets the star.”

He describes the other Asheton, Scott, as somewhat more inscrutable.

“Scotty’s like a cat,” suggests Pop. “He’ll hang out, but he’ll play you. We did become friends very late in his life, and he was always very decent to me. He was fascinated by me in an offhand way.”

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