Guided By Voices Return With ‘Own Rocky Horror Picture Show’

Listen to My Zodiac Companion, the “dramatic” opening song from Robert Pollard's forthcoming Please Be Honest album.

Guided By Voices Return With ‘Own Rocky Horror Picture Show’

GUIDED BY VOICES are set to return with a new album – and MOJO has the first track, which you can hear below. The album, Please Be Honest, which features GBV mainman Robert Pollard on all instruments, will be released on April 22 and we have the grit-splattered opening song from the record, My Zodiac Companion, ahead of its release.

Earnest and tuneful, the song opens with a flamenco guitar flourish before puffing up its chest and swelling into full-strength rock opera territory, though of course with a touch of the slacker sensibility you’d expect from Guided By Voices.

“My Zodiac Companion is heavy drama written for the glam rock stage,” Pollard tells MOJO of this indie show-stopper. “Kind of like Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

Listen to it now, plus for more – including North American tour dates – visit .