Iggy Pop – Post Pop Depression

Variable though his output’s been since 1977’s Lust For Life, it’s hard to imagine this could be Iggy’s farewell album; just weeks after Pop’s old spar Bowie delivered his. Co-conceived with Josh Homme, Post Pop Depression is every bit as startling, both in sound, and end-of-days openness. Instead of headlong heavy rock, Homme reprises the near-baroque poise of QOTSA’s Like Clockwork – itself clearly informed by Berlin-era Iggy, but never resembling a lame remake, à la post-millennial Stooges outings (indeed, Gardenia’s opening shimmers more like Bowie’s Sound And Vision).

Homme’s procurement of a “dossier” of Pop writings was every bit as crucial, finally re-engaging him as a lyricist of uniquely goofy substance. His frequent musings on mortality (“Is anybody in there, and can I bring a friend?” – American Valhalla) are bitterly funny. Paraguay posits him lolloping off to retirement, telling everyone to fuck off. Way to go! But after such a rebirth, that can’t be it, surely?

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