Sean Lennon: “David Bowie Would Take Me To Museums…”

When in Switzerland who else would you hang out with? The multi-skilled singer-songwriter-producer invites us into his world in the new issue of MOJO.

Sean Lennon: “David Bowie Would Take Me To Museums…”

DAVID BOWIE MIGHT not have been the obvious person to turn to for help with homework, but in the new issue of MOJO Sean Lennon reveals the rock legend had hidden talents as a personal tutor. The cover of MOJO #272, on sale in the UK from May 24, 2016.

During the course of a wide-ranging interview in our new issue (July 2016 / #272), on sale from May 24 2016, Lennon recalls how Bowie took a keen interest in his education while at school.

“I grew up with Bowie, hanging out a lot. When I moved to my boarding school in Switzerland, he was living in Lausanne. So he’d come to pick me up and we’d go to museums and stuff,” he tells MOJO’s Alan Light.

“When I was young, David seemed like such a parental figure. He would tell me to put on my seat belt, check that I wasn’t running into the street or whatever. He was very responsible and only later did I realise that he had this persona as a wild eccentric,” he adds.

“Maybe that was the period he was in, but he was sober-minded, very intellectual. He always wanted to talk about Oskar Kokoschka or some painter. He would give me books, he gave me the Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov. He really wanted me to read.”

Get the new issue of MOJO for the full interview, which features Lennon on his varied musical collaborations, producing his mum, remembering his dad, and his reluctance to break cover as a solo artist.

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PHOTO: Guy Eppel