Pink Floyd Star In MOJO '60s Volume 7

As Pink Floyd's early works emerge in a deluxe box set, MOJO ’60s weighs in with an in-depth celebration of the group’s formative phase, even if Roger Waters didn’t seem in the mood. The cover of MOJO ’60s Volume 7, featuring Pink Floyd. Careful with that spliff, Eugene!

“You’ll never get me to take this stuff seriously,” he told MOJO’s Mark Paytress. “However hard you try, it’s not gonna happen, OK? I refuse to take any of it seriously. We were just young guys getting together, wanting to be rich and get laid.”

Luckily, the other members of Pink Floyd were more helpful in painting the electric dayglo picture of ’66/’67 and the creation of the group’s psychedelic masterpiece: Piper At The Gates Of Dawn.

Among other gems, there are fascinating insights into the freeform methodology of the formative Floyd’s songwriting guru, Syd Barrett. According to the group’s late keyboard player, Rick Wright, “the first thing that came into his head were the lyrics, and his next priority was making the words rhyme. He’d come up with a melody later, but never paid much attention to time signatures. Syd’s songs were great, but the tempos were always changing. That made things quite difficult for the band.”

Elsewhere in an action-packed issue we have freaktastic insider pics from the San Francisco acid tests; a luxurious Sandy Denny feature; Greil Marcus on Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks; the two-fisted tale of tragic R&B laureate Larry Williams; the rise and fall of Jefferson Airplane; B.B. King ’s blues reign; Bowie at the Beckenham Arts Lab; plus Chris Barber, The Animals, Lee Hazlewood, The Electric Prunes and more.

And there’s a bonus! Every issue contains two beautiful pull-out art prints of the Cream and Tyrannosaurus Rex at their most fabulous.


Sandy Denny feature opener, from MOJO ’60s Volume 7. There’s a lot more where this came from.