Pinkunoizu – The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (Silver Apples Remix)

Exclusive to MOJO: a pan-generational electro-psych mindmeld. Listen to the mix and read Simeon’s take.

Pinkunoizu – The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (Silver Apples Remix)

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN ONE of the most invigorating electro-psych acts of now gets remixed by a bunch of original ’60s electronic adventurers? A world of whooshing wonderment is unleashed forcing your body to twitch irresistibly. At least that’s what happened when Copenhagen’s Pinkunoizu had The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the opening track from their acclaimed new album, The Drop, re-tooled by legendary New York act Silver Apples.

Commenting on the experience, Simeon from Silver Apples states: “The stems provided by Pinkunoizu were like a candy store of musical ideas. I tried to completely rearrange all the goodies whilst still retaining something of the original sound. I couldn’t resist adding some of my oscillators here and there. I try to make my remixes be a playful expression no matter how serious the band’s intentions. This one was fun!”

Pinkunoizu’s The Drop is released on August 5. Read a full review of the album as well as an interview with the band in the new issue of MOJO magazine, on sale now. Pinkunoizu tour the UK in September and October with Tunng. More info at: