Glen Campbell – See You There

The last thing you normally want is for a musical titan to rework their canon. But here Campbell, now diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, approaches his hits afresh with a Nashville-combo simplicity that, while in no way superseding the originals, draws them in closer like beloved old friends. Except for hitting the odd unfamiliar note, as on an exquisitely lap-steel and fingerpicked Galveston, the singer’s vocals sound unchanged, still keening and honey-pure, and producers and song re-imaginers Dave Kaplan and Dave Darling have judiciously replaced familiar bombastic string parts with subtle Hammond and guitars. An unexpected delight is his cover of Jimmy Webb’s beautiful Postcard From Paris, a bonus on 2011’s Ghost On The Canvas, and here presented in both full band and acoustic versions. Then there's stirring newie Waiting On The Comin’ Of My Lord, which just makes you want to go to church.

Glen Campbell: he’s glad we dropped by.