Gary Numan Film Is The Osbournes With Asperger’s

Movie documents new album Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind). Latest trailer is exclusive to MOJO.

Gary Numan Film Is The Osbournes With Asperger’s

FORTHCOMING GARY NUMAN documentary, Android In La La Land, promises a touching and funny insight into the strangely normal world of Numan, the dark(ish) lord of gothic synth-rock. The latest trailer is here, exclusive to MOJO.


Directed by former Select and Loaded magazine art director Steve Read, the film relates the Numan family’s relocation to Los Angeles and the recording of a new album entitled Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind). It follows the 55-year-old on the road and features all the panic attacks, crises of confidence and painfully awkward pronouncements that Numan-watchers have come to know and, in a strange way, love.

It casts particularly keen light on Numan’s experience of, and attitude towards, rock star fame.

“The whole fame thing,” says Numan. “It’s like, imagine you’re standing at a train station and this express train comes flying through, and you put your hand out and you grab it and it whisks you away at lightning speed and everything is a blur. Then, at some point, you lose your grip, and you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, a bit beaten up and totally lost.”

Here’s a longer, older trailer, with more of a taste of the film in toto.


Android In La La Land is due in early 2014. Meanwhile, Numan activity continues with the release of Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind) on October 14 through Mortal Records. There’s a vintage-sounding blast of epic-industrial crunch available to hear via SoundCloud (embed below) called I Am Dust. And here we were thinking He Was Render… Maybe he crumbled.

British Numan fans may also care to note that there’s also a Splinter UK tour in November…

7th Bristol 02 Academy (£25) 8th Ireland Dublin Button Factory (25 Euros) 11th Sheffield 02 Academy (£25) 12th Newcastle 02 Academy (£25) 13th Glasgow 02 ABC (£25) 14th Manchester Academy (£27.50) 15th Oxford 02 Academy (£25) 16th London Roundhouse (£32.50) 18th Brighton The Dome (£25) 19th Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall (£27.50)

Photo: LaRoache Brothers (Woolhouse Studios)