Los Saicos: The Punks From Peru

WITH SONGS ABOUT “demolishing everything, dead people and fights” and a raw animal sound like The Sonics with the gloves off, Los Saicos were South America’s sole garage-punks, somewhat doomed to obscurity by their remote location in Lima, Peru. They released six singles between 1965 and 1966, all of them compiled on ¡Demolición! The Complete Recordings, released on the Munster label back in 2010.

Now Vice a/v offshoot Noisey have made a film about them, and despite a slightly bogus They Invented Punk argument that rather overlooks the contributions of mid-’60s proto-punk grollies worldwide, it’s a total delight, with seventysomething ex-Saicos Erwin Flores and Cesar “Papi” Castrillon the stars of the show, still telling each other to f**k off after all these years.

Best quote? “Then I started the screaming, and that’s when we became a real band.” Fans of garage, psych-punk, omni-directed attitude and all that other good stuff, tune in.