Robert Plant Unveils Online Archive

Ex-Led Zeppelin frontman enters the age of social media and prepares new album.

Robert Plant Unveils Online Archive

“SQUEEZE ME, BABY/’Til the juice runs down my leg” sang Robert Plant famously in 1969 on Led Zeppelin’s The Lemon Song and, in a moment of self-referential humour, the singer has once again alluded to one of his most salacious lyrical moments by being pictured holding his, er, lemons on the homepage of his newly revamped website. The relaunch of Plant’s online HQ,, coincides with arrival on various social media channels. He kicked things off yesterday with a brief Twitter Q&A where joked that had he not joined Zeppelin he would have become a marriage counselor and revealed that he’s been listening to Phosphorescent’s current album, Muchacho. Oh, and that his favourite Zep song is What Is And What Should Never Be.


Plant’s site itself features a multi-media section that offers a wealth of archival material as well as up-to-date footage of the singer’s recent endeavours with his latest band, The Sensational Shape Shifters.

He's also promising to serialise a film of his travels in Mali over an imminent 10-week run, while the Music section already features a batch of unreleased audio clips.

As well as enjoying a digital makeover, Plant is also close to completing a new studio album with The Sensational Shapeshifters (due to emerge in 2014).

Speaking to MOJO last year, Plant stated: “I’ve just written 13 new songs with Buddy Miller and Marco Giovino which sound like Amadou And Mariam go and see fucking Public Image Limited!” Whether this material will make the new album remains to be seen.