Moodoïd – Je Suis La Montagne

Moodoïd (pronounced “Mood-oh-eed”, since they are proper Frenchies with their dipthong an’ all) is the psych-pop/Tropicalia side project of Parisian multi-instrumentalist Pablo Padovani. You may know the name from his his day-job with MOJO-endorsed, chaussures-regardant rêve-poppers Melody’s Echo Chamber, and they strengthen their ties to the new nu-psych aristocracy with a mix job by Tame Impala head-honcho, Kevin Parker. Je Suis La Montagne, the lead-out tune from their forthcoming debut LP, is our hypnotic track du jour, a rushing delight of softly twanging guitars, rubbery bass and wooshing atmospherics ending in a crashing vortex of choral psych-vox.

And check out the visuals! Directed by Jérôme Walter Gueguen and edited by Pablo Padovani, the promo is acid-fried DIY of the first water, with some sexually suggestive imagery that we’ll forgive because they’re French, and lots of golden showers (you’ll see what we mean), all overlayed with a super-bright, shit-am-I-on-mushrooms? feel. There’s even some heroic smoking-while-playing-the-keyboards.


Je Suis La Montagne features on The Moodoïd EP, which emerges September 9 on Les Disques Enterprise (the exclusive French imprint of the Paris-based Third Side Records) as a limited 12" and download. Moodoïd play London’s Ooh La La Festival on October 21.