Hebronix – Unreal

ALREADY A MUSIC INDUSTRY veteran in his 23rd year, reformed indie teen sensation Daniel Blumberg here proves himself to be more Alex Chilton than Charlotte from Ash. A ten-minute opening number called Unliving might have signalled an unwelcome lurch into solipsistic indulgence. Instead it’s the perfect calling card for a six-track solo debut that unfurls its post-Mascisian guitar-pop possibilities with feline elegance. The presence of Royal Trux eminence Neil Hagerty in the producer’s chair is a good fit for an album which deliberately blurs the pre- and post-Nirvana boundaries. Whether enough time has passed for the contextual difference between the wide-open spaces of Sonic Youth’s Daydream Nation and the Prozac balladry of Sebadoh to be safely ignored is the last thing on Blumberg’s mind as he basks in the heady swirl of Wild Whim.

Video for the rather lovely Unreal track Viral. He's pulled out of his skin, has he not?

Hebronix Unreal Album Of The Week Daniel Blumberg, aka Hebronix, and friend. Spot the "reformed indie teen sensation".