Earl Sweatshirt Feat. Frank Ocean - Sunday

The Odd Future star previews his debut album with a Chris Brown-baiting Frank Ocean collaboration.

Earl Sweatshirt Feat. Frank Ocean - Sunday

YES, WE'RE STILL waiting for the release of Earl Sweatshirt's debut album proper, Doris, on August 20 but at least the 19-year-old Odd Future adherent has been treating us to occasional tasty "leaks" from the album, the latest of which features the added bonus of a nicely complementary rap from one Frank Ocean which appears to address his parking lot bust-up in January with odious R&B blowhard, Chris Brown. Underscored by groovy Farfisa organ groan and Toyrific breakbeats, Earl's rap is nervy, paranoid and loosely poetic while Ocean's is brighter, more emphatic, especially when he zones in on the possible Brown references – "I mean he called me a faggot/I was just calling his bluff/I mean how anal am I gonna be/When I’m aiming my gun/And why’s his mug all bloody?/That was a three on one/Standing ovation and Staples/I got my Grammy’s and gold."


As Marc Hogan helpfully clarifies over at Spin, the January sprattle did happened on a Sunday, and Ocean has already made reference to the fact that Brown refused to stand when Ocean accepted his Urban Contemporary Album Grammy at the Staples Center in February.

Oh, and last night, it was announced over at E! Online that Frank Ocean's cousin Sha'keir Duarte is now suing Brown, claiming that he was punched, beaten and kicked by Brown's entourage during the January altercation.