The Flying Burrito Brothers, On A Yacht!

In 1969, while the rest of the West Coast scene was freaking out to the acid jams of The Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane, Southern country boy-turned-cosmic cowboy Gram Parsons was giving birth to country-rock with his band The Flying Burrito Brothers. It's no secret that despite his country roots and love of folk, Parsons wanted to be a rock'n'roll star and the Burritos were set to be the group that would help him on his way. A recent viewing of The History Of The Eagles documentary reminded us of this rarity which captures the fresh-faced, tousled-haired Bernie Leadon and Chris Hillman backing a playful Parsons, whose camp contortions manage to be more Mick Jagger than Mick Jagger. Older Guys was included on the Burrito Deluxe album and Parsons would leave the band soon after its release, but the country-rock blueprint was there for all to see.