Charles Bradley's Soul And Spirit

Witness the live magic of The Screaming Eagle Of Soul.

Charles Bradley's Soul And Spirit

He was a canteen chef and a handyman. He was homeless and sang in pick-up bands. Then, at the age of 62, Charles Bradley's dream came true with the release of his 2011 gritty soul debut, No Time For Dreaming. The man they call the The Screaming Eagle Of Soul heads to Europe next month with his spine-tingling ballads and raw R&B experience in tow (he'll play nine shows in the UK and Ireland in October).

In the new issue of the magazine, we catch up with Bradley to discuss this year's Victim Of Love, the struggle to be heard during a life of hardship, the passion and fortitude it takes to weather such a long storm and the redemptive power of the music that brought him back from the brink. And then there are his live performances with guitarist/songwriting partner Thomas Brenneck and the band that propel them:

"The band just rock my soul," says Bradley. "And once my spirit gets hyper and the band is givin' it to me, I don't care about hurtful feelings The band pull my spirit up higher, they make me want to stay young, make me wanna still give. I just wanna get into the music and get nasty with it!"

In need of clarification? Check out this amazing live version of Strictly Reserved For You here: