Arcade Fire To Unveil New Song At 9pm Tonight

Will it be a single called The Reflektor? Is David Bowie on it? Listen to leaked track and decide.

Arcade Fire To Unveil New Song At 9pm Tonight

A LEAKED TRACK OFF Arcade Fire’s new album, Reflektor, has been taken down off the Pitchfork web site, but not before its seeds had scattered across the internet. The album’s purported title track features a sophisticated disco flavour typical of the album’s polarizing co-producer James Murphy and boasts a familiar-sounding wounded baritone from around 4mins 50secs that is almost certainly David Bowie.

It is understood that the song will be officially unveiled at 9pm, via a video directed by Anton Corbijn, and while Arcade Fire spokesperson could not confirm where exactly, ‘the internet’ seems a likely bet, and interested parties are probably best off trying the group’s official web site. Also, 9pm appears to be a global timing, and British fans/browsers are promised that something significant will happen at that hour BST, when the song will also be made available to buy.

The febrile, 7-plus minute groover we’ve heard has already sparked debate in the MOJO office about its lyrical slant (is it about social media, promising connections but instead providing only reflections – app-fuel for our burgeoning narcissism?). But get on this link quickly, because it’s bound to be removed with the quickness.

Hear track.

So, what do you think? Is the marriage between Arcade Fire and LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy made in heaven or by shotgun? Tell us below...