Arcade Fire Roll Out Reflektor’s Interactive Movie

Google Chrome users get to monkey around with video, hear full track in advance.

Arcade Fire Roll Out Reflektor’s Interactive Movie

ARCADE FIRE FANS with the Google Chrome browser can view a special film which responds to stimulus via your computer’s camera or connected devices. The film has rolled out in advance of the 9pm mark set for the unveiling of the official Reflektor video and is credited to established Arcade Fire collaborator Vincent Morisset. Whether this film is related in some way to the video that Anton Corbijn has claimed that he made for the song, we will doubtless discover later this evening.

The film features a possibly Haitian dancing girl moving through various psychedelic encounters. At one point she is handed an iPad-proportioned mirror, which she throws to the ground. By moving in your camera’s view field and/or wiggling your mouse, you can get various morphing and focusing effects to kick off. Spookily, if you’ve enabled the camera on your computer, your own image is displayed amid the broken shards of screen. Meaningful? Who knows?

Meanwhile, how much did the mighty Google cough up for this prestigious technology showcase? (Enough to keep the Butlers in gravy for some years, presumably.) And what’s not-terribly-humble Anton Corbijn to make of being nudged into runner-up position in the Reflektor Hoo-Ha Stakes? Stay tuned and we’ll find out.