White Denim – Pretty Green

Since the release of their Workout Holiday five years ago, Austin outfit White Denim have made some of the most invigorating rock music of the 21st Century. The band’s sixth album, Corsicana Lemonade, is due out on November 4 and continues the band’s upward trajectory, mixing their customary blend of jazz, rock and lithe, funkoid grooves with an added set of near-pop hooks thrown in for good measure. But just when you thought the four-piece were close to hitting some kind of commercial paydirt, they’ve reneged on that deal by donning surreal, home-crafted face masks and making a cheap-as-chips video that is unlikely to transform them into pop stars. Then again, Pretty Green will sound pretty darn good on the radio and, in this post-Black Keys era, who knows what’ll happen? More power to White Denim all the same. Mask up! March on!