Miles Kane: "I’ve Got No Regrets"

The ex-Rascal and Last Shadow Puppet in his own words and by his own hand.

Miles Kane: "I’ve Got No Regrets"

I describe myself as… a nice honest guy who loves rock’n’roll, with an interest in fashion. I like to be turned out smart, that’s a big part of me as well. Music changed me… from when I was in the playground at school, listening to music with my mates and having those dreams of being in a band to now. Like every lad my age, Oasis’ (What’s The Story) Morning Glory? changed everything for me, I still remember buying it with my mother in Woolworths and I totally loved it, I was like -listen to the music! Look at the hair! Now I’m really into Jacques Dutronc, I’ve been having a bit of a bender on him, his style, his tunes, I’ve really tapped into him. Music opens your mind to lots of different things. Every record you make, it takes you on a journey, and without getting too spiritual you find out more about yourself, who you are.

The last book I read was… Ronnie Wood’s autobiography Ronnie, but that was a long time ago because I don’t read books. I should do, because I want to be inspired for lyrics but I don’t have the fucking patience. I’d rather watch a TV series. I’ve just finished Mad Men and also Deadwood with Ian McShane in, it’s boss.

When I’m not making music… I play Fifa on my Playstation.

Kane's second solo album, <em>Don't Forget Who You Are</em>.

Is the glass full or half empty… half full. But I am a bit of a worrier. I’m one of them that, when I get in bed, my mind wakes up. But you’ve got to keep positive especially about what you do. If you worry too much it takes over your entire life. Stay positive - it’s healthy.

My most treasured possession… I should say my Gibson 335, but I’m going to say my ring, which is a snake and it was my mother’s. I wear it on my third finger right hand. I’ve got a bracelet of hers as well.

My biggest regret… it’s such a twat thing to say, ‘I’ve got no regrets,’ but I really can’t think of any. The only thing I can think of is, I used to buzz off 2 Unlimited’s No Limits when I was really young, that’s not really a regret though, well maybe, as I did ask for it for one Christmas.

"I’m having a Jacques Dutronc bender."

LP, CD or MP3… with travelling it’s the CD, because it’s a happy medium - you’ve got the artwork in front of you which I do love, it’s very important and a vinyl looks good, but then I can load the CD onto the computer and put it on the iPod.

My formal qualifications are… I think I got three C’s and a B at GCSE, I just wanted to play the guitar… I’ve not got a driving license, I can’t drive. I wanted to learn this year but things just got really busy.

My most embarrassing moment was… it’s too rude to print. My second most embarrassing moment happened when I’d just got back from holiday last week. I go running in the mornings, and I was running and I fell over on the concrete and I sprained my wrist. I had to do these TV shows and I had this big swollen hand and a massive cut on it and I had to have this injection to get the swelling down… I did what I had to do on the guitar but it killed me.

When we die… I’d like it that we go to heaven and wake up and see what’s going on. I wasn’t brought up religious, but it’s just nice to think that’s what happens.

I would like to be remembered… as having made a lot of records that in years to come I can be proud of.