Jonathan Wilson: New Video Premiere

Nu-classic rocker’s Dear Friend gets epic visual treatment: space, desert, dancers, jamming in a bunker... Watch it here first.

Jonathan Wilson: New Video Premiere

JONATHAN WILSON’s NEW SINGLE Dear Friend, unveiled aurally on MOJO last month, has undergone a suitably trippy video makeover. Wilson wigs out with Fender Strat and band in some sort of bunker surrounded by arcane technology as cosmic ballroom dancers and the timeless forces of nature stage an intervention.


Sonically, the stately single is an honest indicator of the heavier, more elaborate vibes of Wilson’s forthcoming Fanfare long-player, an expansive upgrade on his superb 2011 album, Gentle Spirit. The new set features guest spots from David Crosby, Graham Nash, Roy Harper and more, reaching across the decades to form a spiritual mind-meld of historical heads.

“Fanfare as a word represents a fanciful showing, a bodacious movement of energy, a celebration of sound,” reckons the stellar sideman-turned-main event. “Something to signify an arrival, a special occasion.”

Fanfare arrives definitively via the Bella Union label in the UK on October 14, and via Downtown on October 15 in the US.