Gary Numan – Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind)

THE WILDERNESS YEARS HAVE not withered Gary Numan. Unable to even get arrested during the late ’80s/early ’90s, the electronic maven reconfigured his whole sound, importing a darker industrial edge that owed much to Nine Inch Nails while traversing godless, schlock-free lyrical terrain. Splinter… arrives after a move to Los Angeles, but there’s no sudden new sunny disposition, just an artist on rare form. A deep, lurching guitar riff kicks off I Am Dust, Numan’s declamatory snarl harking back to Tubeway Army 34 years earlier, although his trademark Moog synths are now harnessed to a potent, guitar-led dynamism that does soulful (Splinter), hands-in-air EDM rave (Love Hurt Bleed) and brave, barren torch songs (Lost, My Last Day). In total, the rejuvenated, rockier Numan’s finest hour. ---------------------------------------------------------------

Watch the video for Love Hurt Bleed from the album:

Details of Gary's UK dates in November are on his website.