Deathfix – Dali’s House

WHAT IF YOU COULD CHANGE shape? No, really. Mutate. Or possibly better still, morph from living flesh into bricks and mortar? Odd as it sounds, that’s the premise behind Deathfix’s Dali’s House – a track that imagines the ability to transform oneself into the abodes of those you idolize. What would you see, ponders frontman Rich Morel? What would you learn?

Morel reels off a list of his favourite artists and cultural titans – ranging from Salvador Dali to Muhammad Ali via LCD Soundsystem’s former mainman (“I wish I was James Murphy's house – because you can steal ideas and Daft Punk is always playing there” he observes wryly). Then he throws in the creepy twist: actually, he’d like to be your house…

Meanwhile, Deathfix’s relentless funk-punk drive adds to the aura of unease. Imagine The Stone Roses at their most rhythmic rocking out with Discipline-era King Crimson.

Hear/watch it now.


Dali’s House appears on the band’s self-titled debut album, which came out on Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson’s Dischord earlier this year, gaining a four-star review in MOJO. Formed two years ago by Fugazi drummer Brendan Canty and DJ/remixer Morel (who has worked with everyone from Cyndi Lauper to New Order, and latterly became Bob Mould’s DJ partner in the Blowoff organization), Deathfix have an obsession with the music of 1972 – the year that begat albums including Al Green’s Let’s Stay Together, Deep Purple’s Machine Head and Roxy Music’s self-titled debut. Listen to the album and you can hear as much.

Catch Deathfix when they play the UK in November at the following shows:

November 9 - Prince Albert, Brighton 10 - Brudenell Social Club, Leeds 11 - The Cluny, Newcastle 12 - Broadcast, Glasgow 13 - Soup Kitchen, Manchester 14 - The Lexington, London

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