Ty Segall – The Man Man

Prolific Californian garage-popper falls victim to a monster drive-by. Watch exclusive video premiere.

Ty Segall – The Man Man

The Nuggety fusion of classic rock and surrealist pop that California’s Ty Segall has issued with such fecundity over recent years takes a woozier, more reflective turn on his latest release, the aptly-named Sleeper. On the album, the semi-acoustic, opium den atmospherics are only occasionally punctuated by the electric garage rock guitar freakery he’s known for. This track from Sleeper ably demonstrates the album’s hypnotic, pure intent but perhaps it isn’t to all his fan’s tastes? The video Ty’s made for the song is as violent – and funny – a reaction to the album as you could imagine.

The artwork for Segall’s Sleeper album: it’s kinda Klimt-y.

From the outset things are sinister, at odds with the song’s lazy groove. A gloved hand puts a cassette copy of Sleeper into a car stereo (in a nod to Ty’s early days of cassette-only releases, perhaps) and the car heads off into the night carrying four monster-suited thugs. There’s the cold, insectile leader, the solemn driver, the big shaggy one who looks enough like a Muppet to prick viewers’ sympathy and the freaky, hopped-up one who really doesn’t. It’s ridiculous. And still you know that no one is going to come out of it well.

Meanwhile, Ty is in a grocery store buying milk, perusing mustard, but watched from whose perspective? As he walks home through his suburban neighbourhood he nods to woman he knows, then does a double take. Just why is she outside smoking a cigarette and wearing a muumuu?

What happens next? Click start and find out.