Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Live From KCRW

The compact audience at Los Angeles’ Apogee Studios can be heard shouting adoring song requests - “Nick The Stripper!” - on this document of an April 2013 radio session. “Eventually you’ll say one of the songs on this very short list here,” Cave laughs, before plunging into Stranger Than Kindness. Fans could shout themselves hoarse before exhausting the options, though, and these ten songs (Into My Arms and God Is In The House are vinyl additions) show off the Bad Seeds’ ever-deepening repertoire. So while there is a stately reading of The Mercy Seat and an atmosphere-rupturing Jack The Ripper, material from this year’s Push The Sky Away – a lowering Higgs Boson Blues, the title track’s shuttered introspection – underlines their astonishing gift for self-renewal. The stage is small, the set short, but as ever, The Bad Seeds contain multitudes. Listen to tracks from the album on YouTube starting with Wide Lovely Eyes:


...and here’s the album trailer: