Prince Shreds His Buns Off

Shamelessly revisiting one of our favourite clips of the year, as the Purple One reminds us how a guitar can and should be played.

Prince Shreds His Buns Off

DANG THAT PRINCE, he’s so talented! Just when you forget one of his core skills up pops Mr Rogers Nelson in his Mrs Mop headscarf to remind you that on top of everything else, he can play the guitar a bit. Here in a short film by Madison Dubé shot at his Paisley Park headquarters in Minneapolis back in April (some times it snows then, you know), the mulberry maven rehearses an instrumental track entitled (it seems) Plectrum Electrum and credited to the group name 3rdEyeGirl.

All is going relatively to par, until the formerly-Symbolic one opens a can of puce juice all over a very familiar-looking Telecaster, and his all-female backing band – Hannah Ford on drums, Ida Nielsen on bass guitar and Donna Grantis (no mean player herself – but, hey, is that Bernie Marsden in the background?) on guitar and composition – go bananas.


Back in the spring, this was interpreted as previewing a soon-come album, possibly also to be titled Plectrum Electrum and credited, again, to 3rdEyeGirl. That never emerged, but Prince toured this summer with his ladies and has made tracks available to buy on this enigmatic web site. One, the agreeably picaresque funk fable Da Bourgeoisie, has recently been streaming here and there.

Mystery and accessibility in one fun-sized package? With Prince, it seems you can have everything.