The Return Of Linda Perhacs

Second album by lost legend of folk follows her first after 44 years. MOJO exclusive interview!

The Return Of Linda Perhacs

LOST LEGEND OF FOLK Linda Perhacs has completed her second solo album, 44 years after her first and last – the extraordinary, translucent Parallelograms – disappeared from view, to be passed down with reverence by connoisseurs of rare and transporting vinyl. Linda Perhacs’ 1970 album <em>Parallelograms</em>: resounds down the years.

The Soul Of All Natural Things is released on Sufjan Stevens’ Asthmatic Kitty label on March 17, 2014. Featuring musical and production support from Fernando Perdomo and Chris Price and guest appearances by Nite Jewel and MOJO fave Julia Holter, it finds Perhacs’ crystal voice astonishingly unchanged. As the singer told MOJO yesterday, it is a conscious continuation of Parallelograms.

“My co-producers are very in touch with the internet,” said Perhacs. “They live and breathe iPhones! And they heard what people were saying out there. As producers, they wanted a seamless transition between this album and the ’70s record and they really did not want a whole new direction. I knew there were people out there who were hidden away all over the world who really loved that record and got peace from it. There are people who play that record at 12 o’clock midnight to calm down. It’s almost like scripture to them, it seems, so I couldn’t disappoint them.”

A teaser track, Freely, has been released to the net and can be heard here…


After Parallelograms, Perhacs returned to her day job as a Beverly Hills dental hygienist. But her revival – explored at length in Andrew Male’s popular Lost Women Of Folk article in MOJO 240 – has been underway since 2003, when a new pressing of Parallelograms was made by the New York-based reissue label Wild Places, and Linda subsequently appeared on Devendra Banhart’s 2007 album Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon. More recently she has performed live with MOJO fave Julia Holter and her own group, who grace the stage at London folk Mecca Cecil Sharp House, tomorrow night (December 5).

"The experience has been so wonderful,” Perhacs told MOJO. “I have a great band, too, where everyone gets to do a solo spot – because it can't all be about me and I want them all to express themselves. Fernando and Chris get to do their thing. Michelle Vidal is also with me and she plays amazingly, and she's created what is almost a gospel section in the show. And then there's Durga McBroom Hudson who has sung with Pink Floyd for a number of years. When she sings the universe hears her. Every night I just tell her to cut loose and we really do. She's been so inspiring.”

At 70 years of age, producing work of magical quality after years in the wilderness, the same is true of Perhacs herself, in spades.