Morrissey 'Recites' New Single In Startling Promo Clip

Ex-Smith is joined by pal Nancy Sinatra to premiere World Peace Is None Of Your Business.

Morrissey 'Recites' New Single In Startling Promo Clip

NEVER ONE TO GO THE NORMAL route – like, oh I dunno, stream a representative track off his new album – Morrissey dresses in a tux and sits at a grand piano in order to intone the lyric of his new single, the title track from the hotly anticipated World Peace Is None Of Your Business. Morrissey’s new album: <em>World Peace Is None Of Your Business</em>. It was the dog wot dun it.

How to find it? Well, be patient. Fire up your iTunes, visit the Music Store and select the Music channel/tab. Then flick through the featured new music banners at the top until you find Morrissey amongst the Coldplays, Michael Jacksons and Mariah Careys. Very dignified he's looking, too.

Click on Moz and you’ll go to a page where you can buy a download of the single, pre-order (aka “order”) the album and watch the extremely droll film. Wherein Moz appears to tinkle the ivories and receives a portentous briefcase from his close friend Nancy “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’” Sinatra – one of the few people who emerge from Morrissey’s recent Autobiography in anything approaching a complimentary light.

Morrissey: how to see his promo clip

The whole thing evinces a self-deprecating humour that bodes well for the album in toto.