15 Amazing Brazilian Songs

WELCOME TO MOJO’S WORLD Cup soundtrack album, a mindblowing mélange of Brazilian pop, rock, folk and jazz, moving from the familiar – how could we leave out bossa nova beatitude of Astrud Gilberto’s The Girl From Ipanema, or the vintage cheese of Sergio Mendes’ Fool On The Hill? – to the hinterlands of Novos Baianos, and beyond, into the full-on fancy-dress psych revelation of Os Mutantes (pictured above). So whoever you’re supporting, however far away from the action – hell, you don’t even have to like that ‘soccerball’ game they’re all talking about – there’ll be something in our selection of 15 Brazilian bangers to lift your heart and open your mind. Because when Brazilian music is at its best, it does both of those things, and more.

Photo: courtesy of Luaka Bop