MOJO 252 / November 2014

On sale from Tuesday, September 30, 2014, the new issue of MOJO enters the court of post-punk’s Ice Queen, Siouxsie Sioux, bloodied but unbowed by The Banshees’ implacable 37-year assault on pop culture conventions. Also: the strange ’70s of Beatle George – not the Quiet One after all? Jack White remembers John Peel, 10 years gone; Underworld and Judas Priest reveal their inner turmoil while U2 explain their infiltration of our inboxes. Kate Bush, Leonard Cohen, Prince and Led Zeppelin are reviewed in MOJO’s typical and definitive depth. And don’t miss our free CD of the music that inspired the Banshees, hand-picked by Steven Severin and Siouxsie herself. CLICK TO BUY THIS ISSUE ONLINE

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FREE CD! IT’S A WONDERFULL LIFE No spelling error, explains Siouxsie – she means to emphasise the 'full' wealth of treasures in this evocative glimpse into the Banshees’ musical minds. 15 tracks of strange fascination from Bernard Herrmann, John Barry, The Shadows and – exclusively! – Siouxsie & The Banshees themselves.

SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES The rise and fall of post-punk’s first flagship band, from the lips of the sundered lovers at its heart. “We were never anyone's darlings,” insists Siouxsie Sioux.

GEORGE HARRISON As his Apple albums emerge in a box set, MOJO embraces the full oddness of the Quiet One’s solo rebirth while friends offer new insight into “bad boy” George.

U2 Without warning, on September 9 they gave away their long-awaited 13th LP, Songs Of Innocence, to half a billion iTunes users. Bono and The Edge reveal just what they were thinking.

JOHN PEEL AND THE WHITE STRIPES It’s 10 years since the revered DJ left us: time to remember when Detroit’s garage kingpins played for him in 2001. “He was the last great DJ,” remembers Jack White.

BRYAN FERRY Roxy Music’s lounge lizard ponders art-rock, ’70s hedonism and its backlash: “You can’t please everyone.”

UNDERWORLD How a pair of failed new romantics and a greenhorn DJ forged a cerebral dance hybrid that changed Britain forever.

JUDAS PRIEST The band who defined heavy metal culture then challenged its mores are 17 albums young. Screaming frontman Rob Halford comes out fighting.

REVIEWED Kate Bush / U2 / Aphex Twin / Leonard Cohen / Led Zeppelin IV & Houses Of The Holy redux / Prince / Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy / George Harrison / Johnny Marr / Vashti Bunyan / Foxygen / Richard Hawley / Jerry Lee Lewis / Sam Amidon / Scott Walker & Sun 0))) / Steve Gunn / The Who / Bauhaus / Stevie Nicks / George Benson / Pere Ubu / Baxter Dury / Weezer

PLUS! ABBA reopen the goldmine / Vashti Buntyan vs Andrew Loog Oldham / Vic Godard, post-punk postie / Nile Rodgers gets busy / Holly Johnson on “miserable git syndrome” / Jeff Tweedy blows our minds / Kim Shattuck blows the Pixies gig / All back to Tricky’s / Diana Krall / Foxygen / Cosmic Psychos / How To Buy The Faces & solo / Farewell, Cosimo Matassa and Primal Scream’s Throb