MOJO 254 / January 2015

On sale from Tuesday, November 25, the new issue of MOJO delivers a world exclusive U2 interview. In the wake of their iTunes home invasion with Songs Of Innocence, Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam take us back to their roots in perilous ’70s Dublin and fight a corner for one of the albums of their career. Meanwhile, your free CD is our ever-popular round-up of the most incredible music of the past 12 months. The aptly titled BEST OF 2014 features tracks from Beck, Robert Plant, Jack White, Julie Byrne, The War On Drugs, Caribou, Temples and more. Also in the issue: MOJO’s definitive Albums Of The Year guide and a celebration of The Who’s breakthrough year – 1964. Plus! Quake in your boots as we step into the lair of notorious Cream drummer Ginger Baker. Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Then enjoy the ups and downs of Buzzcocks' punkpop heyday, hop on tour with a resurgent Johnny Marr and remember the greatness of Jack Bruce. It's all happening!


MOJO 254 / January 2015


WHO ART PRINT EDITION A limited edition of the magazine is bagged with two anniversary Who art prints: an iconic group shot and the legendary poster for their Marquee club residency. Only available in UK supermarket Tesco. Contact your local store to find out if they have it.

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FREE CD! THE BEST OF 2014 A bedazzling sampler of the finest releases from the last 12 months, our 15-track cover-mounted CD is guaranteed to get you cheering 2014 as a musically colossal year. Features Beck, Jack White, Robert Plant, The War On Drugs, Ty Segall, Sleaford Mods, The Bug, and loads more great new stuff.

MOJO 254 cover stars U2: (from left) Larry, Bono, Adam and The Edge. Photo: Mattia Zoppellaro

U2 No one likes them. They don’t care. Danny Eccleston meets a defiant and confessional U2 in the wake of their iTunes home invasion and what might be – after the dust settles – one of the albums of their career.

THE WHO November 1964: Daltrey, Townshend, Entwistle and Moon define their look, sound and vision. Mark Blake dissects a mensis mirabilis.

GINGER BAKER Wild beast at bay. Mark Paytress visits the legendary Cream drummer and finds a rage humbled by illness and loss.

BUZZCOCKS The heart of the pop/punk Venn diagram, Shelley, Diggle, Garvey and Maher talk to Ian Harrison about pop singles and a life going unsteady.

MOJO REVIEW OF 2014 So what was our fave album, book, track, film, show and reissue of the year? Plus the MOJO writers’ 50 Best Albums, and the year’s most exciting discoveries, by Jack White, St Vincent, FKA Twigs, Dave Grohl and more.

JOHNNY MARR On the road in blustery Bournemouth with the solo ex-Smith.

REVIEWED Mark Kozelek / AC/DC / R Seiliog / Faust / Lee Ranaldo / Slim Twig / Musée Mécanique / Mary J Blige / Smashing Pumpkins / Kemper Norton / Cliff Martinez / Einstürzende Neubauten / The Velvet Underground / The Jam / Cool Ghouls / Annette Peacock / Pablo Moses / Sly Stone / Pixies / Ian Dury / Ultramarine / T.Rex / Queen / Augustus Pablo / The Czars / David Bowie / Bessie Jones / Cream

PLUS! All back to Robert Wyatt’s to listen to John Coltrane / Einstürzende Neubauten unveil their WWI commemoration in Belgium / The Rolling Stones captured by the world's greatest photographers / Michael Head is back in the studio / Dorset's diabolist doom stoners Electric Wizard arise! / Wayne Coyne gives Stravinsky his props / Jim Kerr in his own words and doodle / Anthrax and Public Enemy recall their extraordinary metal-rap record and tour / Jack Bruce, Alvin Stardust, David Redfern and John Holt remembered / Chrissie Hynde protests against equine exploitation in New York – and plays a cracking live show / The Handsome Family onstage in Trondheim / How To Buy John Coltrane / Kate Bush's older brother reveals her early life in pictures / Claudia Brücken says hello and goodbye to Propaganda