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MOJO 290 / January 2018

New MOJO features The Jam, Best Of 2017 CD, Bruce Springsteen, Josh Homme and more.

By MagazineMOJO Staff
MOJO 290 / January 2018

AN IRRESISTIBLE PACKAGE this month as MOJO presents the rise of the Jam – the inspiring early days of their ascent to Mod magnificence. The Jam’s evergreen icon, Paul Weller, also plays a key part in MOJO’s Review Of The Year, which stars our 50 Best Albums Of 2017 and regular round-up of star recommendations, The Best Thing I’ve Heard All Year. Our FREE CD is our ever-popular Best Of The Year sampler, with tracks from our favourite albums of 2017, by artists including Weller, The War On Drugs, Sparks, Nadia Reid, Hurray For The Riff Raff and more. Also in the issue: Bruce Springsteen’s Tunnel Of Love, 30 years on; Josh Homme in the MOJO Interview; the debt we owe Fats Domino; the incredible story of the late-blooming Robert Finley. Plus! Arcade Fire; Captain Beefheart; The Edge on the new U2 album; and The Mummies: rock’s freakiest band, back from the undead!



COVER STORY: THE JAM The rise of Paul Weller’s People’s Band, and the Mod renaissance they unleashed, by the ace faces who were there. Cue: life-changing shows and era-defining songs, haloed with a pop-art blur of ripped seats and smashed Rickenbackers, and all driven by “a raw sense of destiny”.

FREE CD: 2017 – THE BEST OF THE YEAR is the MOJO covermount CD that does exactly what it says on the tin. Tracks from our favourite albums of the year, with artists including Paul Weller, The War On Drugs, Sparks, Nadia Reid, Hurray For The Riff Raff

THE BEST OF 2017 Includes the 50 Best New Albums, Best Reissues, Books and Music Films. Stars Paul Weller, James Murphy, Alice Coltrane, The Grateful Dead, Jane Weaver and many more.

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN After Born In The USA made him an icon, The Boss got hitched and put his regrets to music. Max Weinberg, Angel Olsen and more salute *Tunnel Of Love, 30 years on.

FATS DOMINO How rock’n’roll’s left-hand man “brought everything to fruition”, according to Dr John and more.

JOSH HOMME With another of MOJO’s Albums Of The Year on his résumé, the QOTSA riff machine rolls out his worldview. “I’m looking for reality,” he tells Keith Cameron.

ROBERT FINLEY A life in music began at 60 for Finley, hatched in Louisiana mud but bringing his bluesful soul to the world with a leg-up from The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach.

REVIEWED: U2 / Isaac Hayes / Björk / The Rolling Stones / Jim James / Mike Love / Billy Bragg / Giggs / King Crimson / German Oak / and more

PLUS: Bruce Springsteen, Arcade Fire and The Mummies tread the boards / The Breeders wiggle their faders / Kaitlin Aurelia Smith on the rise / Kevin Godley imagines himself / Michael McDonald on Steely Dan / José Feliciano on Bob Dylan / Moby makes Play, sells millions, goes mad / Pop music pulp fiction / Farewell George Young and Tom Paley / And finally… Gary Lucas: his life as Captain Beefheart’s “art pimp”.