MOJO 292 / March 2018: Nick Drake

Latest MOJO features Nick Drake, Mike Love, Krist Novoselic, Mike Nesmith and more.


HAD HE LIVED, NICK DRAKE would have been 70 this year, and fêted as one of our greatest songwriters. Yet, as friends and peers explore in the latest MOJO, he wasn’t made for his times, or built to withstand the pressures of the music business. They help us tell the stories behind Drake’s magical songs, while a selection of MOJO’s favourite contemporary artists – including Villagers, Vashti Bunyan, Field Music, Bridget St John and Amber Arcades – cover his key compositions on our FREE CD. Also in the new issue: Mike Love gets feisty, Krist Novoselic puts Nirvana behind him, Monkee Mike Nesmith dispenses hard-won wisdom, Felt’s Lawrence fuels the enigma, and MOJO writers explain why they love rock history’s Unloved Albums. Plus: Lloyd Price, Aldous Harding, Colter Wall, unseen Sex Pistols, Neil Young’s yard sale, Trojan at 50, Eric Clapton on screen, Suggs on Ian Dury, R.I.P. Rick Hall and Johnny Hallyday. And! The madness of Toto!



COVER STORY: NICK DRAKE In the year of his 70th birthday, MOJO explores the short life and profound songs of an enigmatic genius. Across 17 pages, friends and musicians remember the man behind the mystery.

FREE CD: GREEN LEAVES – NICK DRAKE COVERED. Fourteen exquisite versions of Nick Drake’s finest songs. Artists include: Villagers, Vashti Bunyan, Field Music, Bridget St John and Amber Arcades.

MIKE LOVE The unwilling villain of the Beach Boys story returns to right a few wrongs: “I’m always blamed. It’s horsehit!”

MIKE NESMITH The Zen Monkee, First National Band member and music video visionary looks back on a life of seeking and discovery.

JIMI, BOWIE, BEEFHEART Photographer Alec Byrne reveals his unseen trove of ’60s rock and pop snaps. Hendrix, Jagger, Zappa, Aretha from the golden age of open access.

KRIST NOVOSELIC The beanpole Nirvana bassist is back with new band Giants In The Trees, promising beer and a hang for all who see them play.

UNLOVED Trash or treasure? From Cut The Crap to Empire Burlesque, MOJO finds gold and wonder in the music greats’ most forsaken albums.

YOUNG FATHERS Category-defying Edinburgh rappers return to assault the mainstream. “We’re weird, but that’s something to aspire to.”

REVIEWED: Field Music / Roxy Music / Hookworms / Felt / Eric Clapton / Hollie Cook / Ty Segall / Minnie Riperton / Franz Ferdinand / Ezra Furman / Bert Jansch / Joan As Police Woman / Mogwai / Fleetwood Mac / Television Personalities / Hot Snakes / Baxter Dury

PLUS: Lloyd Price – the legend! / Aldous Harding rises / Colter Wall also rises / unseen Sex Pistols unearthed / Neil Young’s yard sale / Trojan Records at 50 / Suggs on Ian Dury / R.I.P. Rick Hall and Johnny Hallyday / the madness of Toto!